Usman Haque

Design Prototype Crosswalk Moves And Adapts To Prioritize Pedestrians

A UK design firm creates a new kind of crosswalk that uses LED lights to help pedestrians cross safely

Home A Search Engine For The Internet Of Things

A network of connected devices will soon be searchable, allowing us to explore our world further.

Innovation Illuminating Hidden Pathways Using Projected Light [Future of Light]

Projection lighting technologies can deliver a visual guide and assurance where and when people need it.

Technology Pachube Founder On The Internet Of Things At PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON [Video]

Tech-innovator Usman Haque recently sold his internet of things business. His talk in this video shows how he and his business are worth every penny.

Video (Video) Usman Haque: PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2010

The Internet of things innovator talks about experience design and social projects.

Design (Pics) PSFK Conference London 2010

A gallery of photos from our recent London conference.

Advertising PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON: New Speakers Announced

On September 10th, we'll explore innovation at the intersections of fields that include art, design, branding, retail and technology.

Technology WiFi Camera Captures Electromagnetic Activity From Wireless Devices

A new type of panoramic camera can illuminate the highlights and shadows generated by the wireless signals around us.

Work The Evolving Notion Of Privacy In The Digital World

The continuing conversation about what privacy will look like in the digital age has found Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg justifying the network's recent shift in privacy policies.

HP Labs' Central Nervous System for the Earth

HP Labs has announced a project they've dubbed the CeNSE (Central Nervous System for the Earth) - their ambitious attempt to build a planet-wide infrastructure for a future Internet of Things.

Work Natural Fuse: Towards Designing a Carbon-Neutral System

If given the opportunity to participate in a carbon-neutral system, will people be selfless or selfish?