Design LG's Robot Vacuum Has A Built-In Google Home Assistant

The newest LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ models come with cameras to function as a security system while also cleaning an owner's home

Technology This Terrarium Filters Water By Mimicking The Amazon Biosphere

The Drop by Drop system is set up to mimic how nature cleans dirty water

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Concept Hyperloop Hotel Lets Guests Zoom Between Cities In A Luxury Suite

Travelers in the Hyperloop Hotel could zoom through the Hyperloop to 13 different cities in the U.S. without having to leave their rooms

Consumer Goods Dyson's Newest Creation Is A Vacuum That Can Never Tip Over

The new design promises it won't fall over, and requires no filter or maintenance costs

Design Built-In Kitchen Vacuum Saves Space Through Design

Self-contained system lets you ditch the dustpan

Home Control a Vacuum Robot from Your Wrist

Sit by the pool and tell a smart vacuum how to clean your house

Advertising Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Platform to Endorse Cleaning Product

A Bissell employee eats a meal on a train platform in front of horrified onlookers after cleaning it with the company's latest vacuum

Video Vacuum-Powered Machine Brews Artisanal Tea In One Minute

BKON Craft Brewer completely infuses a cup in 60 seconds.

Luxury Pneumatic Ball Pit Makes Adults Feel Young Again [Video]

An elegant installation in Poland and Germany lets people relive the days of fast food restaurant ball pits.

Technology Vacuum Cleaner Plays Music As It Picks Up Dust [Video]

The Electrolux Ergothree music project features the 'Play!' model which can detect dirt and plays music as it rhythmically sucks it up.

Work Doormat With Suction Cups Automatically Cleans Dirt From People's Shoes [Video]

A unique mat vacuums the soles of footwear whenever someone steps on it.

Advertising Vacuum Elevators Offer Simple, Cost Effective Mobility

A greener and less expensive alternative to conventional versions.

Advertising (Video) Electrolux Turns Product Testing Into Performance Art

A new ad by Swedish artist Tobias Allanson showcases the abilities of an award winning vacuum.

Advertising Electrolux Lab Study: Vacuum With Music

An Electrolux lab study concluded vacuuming with music improves cleaning results and gives a general feeling of happiness.