Automotive Ford's Blow-Up Bicycle Fits Inside A Car's Trunk

The car company has submitted a patent to create an inflatable bike frame made from Kevlar

Design Intelligent Shower Personalizes The Experience To Each Person

U by Moen has the ability to remember temperature settings for up to 12 household members

Advertising 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Hasbro set to 3D-print toys, Apple patents new headphones, China promises to clean its polluted rivers, and more.

Gaming & Play Bodily Controllers Allow For Hands-Free Video Gaming [Video]

Instead of controlling video games with your hands, let your butt and tongue do all the work.

Innovation 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

London mayor to ban cyclist headphones, Snapchat surpasses Facebook and Lexus launches cars on Vine.

Retail Augmented Reality Goggles Transport The Wearer Into A Virtual World [Video]

Pair of ex-Valve employees debuted their creation at Maker Faire 2013 and plans a retail offering with Kickstarter's help.

Home How To Become The Boss Faster

Today's global workforce is reinventing the rules of the modern workplace.

Design Hand-Pumped Inflatable Chairs Mold To Each Sitter [Pics]

The Holding-Breath collection of inflatable chairs uses vacuum compression systems to form the seat to fit the individual.

Work Video Game Measures Players' Sweat To Make Play More Real [Video]

Valve experiments with biofeedback technology to improve design.

Technology 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google updates Adwords, NPR launches ad campaign and Pepsi's parody earns more views than Coke's original...links to start your day with.

Innovation Piers Fawkes: Your Next Office Will Look Like A Pop-Up Shop [Future Of Work]

Office furniture is being revolutionized and allowing spaces to be customized to suit the immediate needs of employees and projects.

Technology Workers Rank Peers To Reveal Hidden Business Value [Future Of Work]

Game developer Valve uses a peer ranking system to evaluate each employee’s range of skills and overall value to the company.

Advertising Quantified Employee - A Future Of Work Trend

Talent management tools that leverage big data are revealing hidden metrics tied to employee value.

Work Getting By In A World Without Bosses [Future Of Work]

In order to stay relevant, companies have to do away with 'closed door management.'