Advertising Monocolumn: The Kremlin: Worms And All

When Dmitry Zelenin was at a Kremlin reception recently, he was shocked to find a worm in his salad. Seeing the funny side of it, he took a photograph of it on his phone, and uploaded it to his Twitter feed.

Design Monocolumn: Catwalk Revelation

Ailing Italian fashion house Gianfranco Ferré may have just found its saviour.

Innovation Monocolumn: I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Most Muscovites feel that getting on a bike in this city is little short of lunacy, and not without good reason.

Gaming & Play Ed Cotton: The End Of Obsolescence: Branded Refurbishing/Updating Centers

While most categories demand obsolescence, perhaps too many corporations and brands are only too willing and eager to let their customers give up on the products too fast and send them to landfill.

Technology Veer X PSFK

PSFK will be partnering with Veer for the balance of 2010, and will be using imagery from their comprehensive gallery to bring to life the posts on