Delivery & Logistics Digital P2P Platform Offers Book Access For Literature-Scarce Venezuela

Ongoing humanitarian crises in the South American country inspired an innovative peer-to-peer analog book exchange, helping citizens form networks to access increasingly scarce literature

Advertising Interactive Cinema Puts Your Tweets On The Big Screen

A Venezuelan movie chain has been testing out a social way to watch films

Home A Stranger Invited Us into Her Home for Brunch and Restaurant Meals Will Never Be the Same

psfkUNFILTERED: PSFK Labs Researcher and Strategist Michelle Hum and Editorial Intern Olivier Willems enjoyed Sunday brunch with home-cooked arepas through micro-moonlighting service

Design Street Artists Create An Urban "River" Complete With Fish [Pics]

Guerilla designers lay 2000 plastic bags in the middle of a busy footpath.

Technology How Can Philosophy Play A Larger Role In Media Experiences?

Jason Silva's 'The Beginning of Infinity' video series provides a philosophical perspective on the co-evolution of technology and human beings.

Retail Benetton Promotes Tolerance But Raises Eyebrows With Unhate Campaign [Pics]

The clothing retailer returns to shock advertising.

Venezuela Hires Mimes To Curb Bad Traffic Habits

The government in Caracas has sent 120 mimes onto the roads in a bid to curb its persistently dangerous drivers.

Luxury Confessions Of A Mad Man: The World’s Most Expensive TV Shoot, Part One

In his tell-all memoir, author George Parker holds forth about what it's really like to work in the steamy ad world, as popularized by AMC's Mad Men. All it's cracked up to be? Read to find out.

Innovation Monocolumn: Venezuela Begins The Charm Offensive For 2012

They’d received their summons and were out in force. The stalwarts of the British left-wing movement gathered on Saturday at central London’s Conway Hall for a day of workshops and discussions on Venezuela.

Monocolumn: El Sistema Strikes A Chord

The Teresa Carreño youth orchestra is the latest generation of young musicians to emerge from El Sistema, Venezuela’s ground-breaking project to bring classical music to the poorest children.

Advertising Smirnoff's Nightlife Exchange Project

Fans of the vodka can contribute thoughts on what makes their country's nightlife special, helping to create a global celebration of local culture.

Work Hugo Chavez Mobiles Masses Through New Twitter Services

The socialist Venezuelan leader has amassed over 300,000 followers within two weeks of joining, and encourages citizens to engage.

Design Oh! Nena: Venezuela's Handcrafted Headwear Movement

Venezuelan girls on the streets of culturally independent Maracaibo are getting used to crowning themselves with hand-made headwear by up-and-coming designers Oh! Nena.