Advertising Amazon's Alexa Will Play The Host Of A Trivia Board Game

This type of game could increase the appeal of AI assistants to a wider range of audiences

Retail Interactive Digital Avatars Respond To Your Emotions In Real Time

The avatars can mimic human body language and react appropriately to happiness or sadness

Food & Beverage Coca-Cola Is Planning To Debut AI-Powered Vending Machines

Soda vending machines will now have distinct "personalities"

Entertainment Ticketmaster Will Soon Use Sound To Admit Customers Into Events

Soon, users will simply be able to enter events by holding their phone up to a special sensor that detects specific sound frequencies

Children Wonderschool Wants To Help Teachers Run At-Home Preschools

A California startup aims to help educators start at-home preschools and connect them with parents seeking childcare

Automotive Teaching Teens How To Drive Using VR

Aceable is developing a safe, immersive way for young students to learn driving skills before hitting the actual road