vertical farming

Advertising Op-Ed: What To Expect As Cannabis Retail Evolves

Joel Milton, CEO of the cannabis-focused CRM Baker, describes the challenges and opportunities of a burgeoning industry as more U.S. states legalize recreational marijuana

Food & Beverage This Vertical Farmhouse Could Grow Produce To Feed 180,000 People

Backed by Jeff Bezos, Plenty recently won $200 million in funding to open a new vertical farm location in Seattle

Design Automated Farm-In-A-Box Is A Solution For Urban Food Deserts

An advanced module for growing crops can be quickly and easily installed in cramped city quarters

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PSFK staff recommendations include media and spaces that fuse technology and the natural world

Retail Sustainable Indoor Farm Aims To Grow The Most Delicious Produce

A San Francisco startup is creating an indoor vertical farm that aspires to produce crops more efficiently and sustainably than traditional farms

Food & Beverage Target Is Setting Its Sights On In-Store Vertical Farming

Farm-to-table could get a whole new meaning if this retail giant's plans for 2017 go as planned

Home Vertical Farms As Big As Skyscrapers To Add Greenery To Seoul’s Skyline

Urban Skyfarm would be a carbon zero food production facility open to all.

Innovation Urban Farm Made Of Shipping Containers Offers An Option To The Corner Store

The Farmery wants to combine urban farming with everyday retail, currently raising funds on Kickstarter to build a final prototype of their retail vision.

Technology Gordon Graff And The Promise Of 'SkyFarming'

Gordon Graff explains the promise and potential of going for vertical farms as the means to farm in the future.

Design Farming Goes Sunless With LED Greenhouses

Bioengineering team PlantLab have a bold plan to solve the global food crisis.

Design The Newark Vertical Farm

The pioneers of the special farming method are collaborating on a new project in New Jersey.

Home Casa Huerta: Scaleable Greenhouses for Urban Environments

Casa Huerta (Orchard House) is a small scale greenhouse / vertical farming system proposed to better life in the poor areas of the world's cities.