Design Massive Living Wall Covers Hotel To Reduce City Flooding [Pics]

Taking up an entire facade of the Rubens at the Palace hotel in London, the 21-meter living wall is the largest of its type in the city.

Advertising Personalized Billboards Update In Real-Time As Driver Approaches

The Transport Accident Commission in Australia is using ad space to let people send road safety messages to their family and friends.

Advertising Life-Sized Storybook Characters Appear In London Subway Station

UK Television Network 'Gold' creates a one-of-a-kind scenario in a busy London Train Station, bringing laughter and amusement to onlookers.

Work Bank Offers To 'Stand In' For Football Fans At Work So They Can Watch The Game [Video]

NAB is willing to cover for customers so they can be free to attend the AFL Grand Final.

Design Monocolumn: Smoke With Fire In The Bush

It doesn’t take much to keep a bushfire going in Victoria, Australia’s south-eastern state.

Advertising (Pic) Newspaper Grab Marks Warn Against Skin Cancer

A subtle print advertisement by Cancer Council Victoria reminded local newspaper readers to see the doctor for check ups.

Advertising Experience Melbourne With Lost And Found's Free Hotel Room

Tourism Victoria's e-newsletter has curated a hotel room featuring the best of Melbourne's cultural offerings.