Syndicated Robot Priest Challenges Debate Over The Future Of Organized Churches

BlessU-2, which delivers blessings in five languages, is intended to trigger debate about the future of the church

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Saatchi & Saatchi used the mobile ad medium to make a clever comment on the car's capabilities

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Design Adidas Unveils A New Vision For The Future Of Sports Fashion

The Y-3 Spring/Summer 2017 collection takes a provocative look at power, authority and dystopian lore

Technology Content Marketing Expert: Where Digital Media is Heading in 2017 and Beyond

TJ Leonard, the CEO of VideoBlocks, discusses three fundamental shifts that will drive production and advertising budgets in 2017—the evolving definition of a content creator, the rapid innovation in video-capture technology, and how authenticity and mobility dominate our personal social feeds.

Food & Beverage Cookbook Built On Algorithms Can Be Customized Just For You

Buzzfeed has turned its popular cooking site into a personalized cooking manual

Retail Facebook Adds Donation Buttons For Non-Profit Organizations

By adding the feature to live videos, organizations can reach out to audiences easier without taking them off of Facebook

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Camera Launches Off Of Your Wrist For Perfect Selfies

Nixie is a wearable quadcopter that can record video or take perfectly-framed still photos

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Video pokes fun at people's annoyance of ads to highlight car's emergency braking system

Advertising How The Right Context Can Make Advertisements More Enjoyable

Pre-roll ad campaign finds a new way to advertise the Friends' release on Netflix

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Partner Content Indiegogo's Kate Drane on Makers Movement - "Crowdfunding Proves Demand"

Kate Drane from Indiegogo, speaking at PSFK & PCH Presents the Makers Movement in San Francisco, describes the holistic benefits that come with crowdfunding and how they increase the success of start-ups.