video conferencing

Technology Device Allows for Long-Distance 360 Degree Video Conferencing

Set your phone spinning – and show off the world in a new way

Innovation Bank Of America Introduces Video Chat ATMs

New cash machines will allow you to talk with a teller and carry out more advanced transactions.

Technology Voice Search While You Video Chat With Multimedia Conferencing App

MindMeld is an intelligent application which uses voice recognition to listen to a conversation and offer relevant visual content based on what is said.

Technology Make Video Calls Using Lightweight Glasses

Japanese technology company, NTT DOCOMO, shows this and other new research projects which introduce innovative takes on portable technology.

Advertising Microsoft: What Is The Future Of Business?

The new cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 can give startups the tools they need to succeed.

Innovation Remote Forestry Trains New Workers And Produces Ecologically-Sound Output

Remote forestry is a step towards solving complex business problems with existing infrastructure used for mobile and locations apps that takes mobile context and view of work to a new level.

Technology MobileASL: Delivering Sign Language Over Low Bandwidth Cell Phone Networks

Engineers are developing an efficient technology that will enable deaf people to communicate via mobile device.