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Analysis How Retailers Like Sony Are Making Video Games More Accessible With Borderless Playing

These five examples showcase how video game retailers are leveraging streaming strategies and cloud capabilities in order to offer gamers more opportunities to play

Entertainment Facebook Introduces Video Streaming Hub For Gamers

To recapture a younger audience from the likes of YouTube and Twitch, Facebook has launched, a centralized location for watching gamers' livestreams

Advertising The London Philharmonic Is Partnering With Playstation For A Video Game Concert

The performance will feature music from PlayStation games including The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn

Automotive Take A Ride With Mario On Your Next Google Maps Trip

Google Maps' latest update lets the gaming mascot accompany you on your trip

Gaming & Play Bloomberg's Retro Video Game Shows The Realities Of A Struggling Retail Industry

The winner is simply the one who keeps the mall running the longest, before inevitable bankruptcy

Advertising Sega Transformed A Parkour Gym Into A Real-Life Video Game Level

Sega created a parkour course based on a level from its Sonic the Hedgehog games

Delivery & Logistics GameStop Is Launching A Platform For Unlimited Used Game Rental

The Power Pass subscription model offers unlimited gaming for six months for $60

Retail Retro Pocket Console Recreates The Feel Of A Classic Game Boy

BittBoy is a pocket-sized retro gaming console that takes after the original Game Boy, with over 300 games in its library

Design A New Wave Of Biographical Video Games Is Playing At Real Life

An emerging genre of games based on people’s real-life experiences is proving provocative and compelling

Design The Joystick Of The VR World Is Self-Balancing

The Bottomless Joystick could be the future of controllers for virtual reality gaming

Technology IMAX Has Built The Ultimate VR Arcade In Los Angeles

IMAX gives visitors the chance to try out room-scale VR games in a newly opened location in Los Angeles

Gaming & Play Pokémon Go Wearable Will Let You Play Without A Screen

A new gaming device will light up and vibrate when its owner is near a Pokéstop

Technology A Sustainability Video Game That Secretly Teaches Players About Resources

This game hopes to inspire a generation of eco-aware urban designers

Even the Olympics May Soon Be A Stage For Keyboards And Displays

The UK Government has officially welcomed a gaming "Olympics For eSports"