Design The Best Of Tech-Meets-Design From NYCxDesign 2018

This year's batch takes music appreciation in new directions, encourages better sleep with LEDs and generates rugs from algorithms

Entertainment Portable Device Lets DJs Spin Vinyl Without A Needle

This new gadget from MWM lets DJs play and scratch vinyl without using a needle, giving them better control of the audio

Retail Do Consumers Sometimes Love A Bit Of Inconvenience?

If people are welcoming back vinyl records, the antithesis of Spotify and YouTube, what else could return?

Advertising Sony Will Start Pressing Vinyl Records For First Time In 28 Years

Vinyl isn't just trendy—it's big business again

Technology All-In-One Turntable Pairs Vinyl Records And Wireless Streaming

Vinyl lovers can sync old and new with this updated turntable that upgrades sound quality while linking to other modern technologies

Home How Yves Béhar Gave The Turntable A Digital Makeover

Streaming analog music might sound like an oxymoron, but the LOVE turntable device is designed to transform the ways we experience vinyl

Entertainment Vinyl's Revival Continues With New Celebrity Subscription Service

Experience Vinyl promises to deliver some of Elton John and Quincy Jones' favorite albums to your door

Technology Hybrid Turntable Make A Spotify Playlist From Your Vinyl Collection

The analogue & digital device makes a playlist on a phone while listening to records

Home Levitating Turntable Makes Listening To Vinyl Even More Fun

MAG-LEV Audio's new offering offers high-quality sound and innovative design

Design Wireless Turntable Streams Your Vinyl Records

Record player shares via streaming digital devices and on social media in real time

Work Music Album Released In A Dozen Different Analog Formats

Music producer Trevor Jackson celebrates the art of physical music with multi-format album

Work Play The Record Cover As You Listen To Your Vinyl

Music lovers can create loops and tunes as they listen to DJ QBert's album Extraterrestria

Design Vinyl Records Upcycled into Hair Combs

Estonian design shop makes personal grooming look vintage

Advertising Nostalgia Pays in Nashville as Rocketing Record Sales Make it the Capital of Vinyl

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are among the artists turning to the old LP format to capture the essence of their music