Entertainment This Bendable Phone Is Actually A Musical Instrument

Bend this device any way you like to modulate sound and pitch

Design A Violin Made Of Lasers [Video]

Dylan Menzies uses synthesis software and optical sensors to replicate the sound of a bow moving across the strings.

Design Functional Violins Made From Tsunami Debris

A new project, 'The Bonds Made From One Thousand Tones,' will create an orchestra playing on string instruments made from driftwood salvaged in Japan.

Design See The World's Largest Playable Violin [Video]

The 4.28-meter instrument has earned a place in the Guinness World Records Book.

Advertising Playing Virtual Violin On The iPad

A new app from Smule simulates the classic musical instrument and allows collaborative play with users from around the world.

Technology The iPad Orchestra

Using a musical app called Seline HD, the quartet digitally performs on four instruments: cello, flute, violin and clarinet.