Viral Marketing

Advertising Heat-Sensitive Shipping Materials Double As DHL Ads [Video]

Germany advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar did some free marketing for DHL, pulling a prank on their behalf.

Work Why Street Art’s Future Lies Within The Internet’s Walls

Rapidly spreading visual ideas, as it turns out, have lessons for anyone trying to get their product out there.

Advertising Fictitious Campaign Revamps Broccoli As An “In” Vegetable [Pics]

Ad agency Victors & Spoils was challenged by the New York Times to create a fake campaign that would make over broccoli as the new hot vegetable.

Technology How To Make Something Go Viral [Video]

A tongue-in-cheek video from agency John St. on how to reach millions of clicks acknowledges today's wildly popular medium of video.

Home McDonald's Executive Chef Demos How To Make A Big Mac At Home [Headlines]

The fast food company's latest campaign makes their food and the preparation behind it more transparent.

Technology Viral Marketing Made Easy With Automated Facebook Posts

Octopost helps small business owners manage their social media page more effectively.

Advertising Superheroes Soar Over New York To Promote New Film [Video]

New movie Chronicle was promoted with human-shaped RC planes that flew like caped avengers over the city.

Advertising Old Spice Named The Most Viral Brand Of 2011 [Headlines]

The men's brand is the most-viewed in terms of online video content for the second year running.

Advertising Are We Immune To Viral Marketing? [Headlines]

A new study says that the amount of influence our friends have on our consumer choices depends on how we met them.

Design How Social Contagion Escapes Rationality

What can the behavior of fanatical collectors tell us about social media phenomena?

Technology The Most Shared (Viral) Brands of 2010

Rubber Republic offers an informative analysis of what branded content was most shared, and where.

Home TED's Ads Worth Spreading

TED is looking for advertising that shows shareability, innovation, intelligence, authenticity, humor and craft, as part of a new contest.

Advertising Deprogrammed Architecture and Spontaneous Spaces

Augmented City is a conceptual architecture project that envisions a metropolis awash in augmented reality.

Work Evolving Advertising To Become The 'Object Idea'

Hugh MacLeod expands on the idea of the social object.