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Viral Video Asks Complete Strangers To Share A First Kiss [Video]

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva asked 20 people to get intimate for the first time on camera and captures a moment of awkwardness and passion.

Technology Mischievous Goat Simulator Takes The Internet By Storm [Video]

Starting out as a silly side project, Coffee Stain Studios’ goat video game is the newest viral hit.

Work Writer Quits Via Viral Video To Protest Media’s Focus On Analytics [Video]

Employee hands in her resignation with a YouTube video that has attracted over 7 million views.

Technology Red Bull Instagram Video Goes Viral With Mount Everest Leap

The video of Russian daredevil Valery Rosoz jumping off Mount Everest generated 30K likes in 24 hours.

Innovation Will The Harlem Shake Surpass Gangnam Style? [Video]

4,000 videos of the Internet's latest dance craze meme are being uploaded every day.

Advertising Volvo Challenges Tightrope Walker To Cross Between Two Speeding Trucks [Video]

In Croatia, world-record holder Faith Dickey was challenged to cross a rope between two Volvo FH trucks, demonstrating the precision and control of the new vehicles.

Retail Functioning Headphones For Your Cat [Video]

Agency, Rooster NY, produced an infomercial-style ad for Sol Republic's limited edition product, with all proceeds from the sales being donated to the ASPCA.

Innovation Mercedes Demonstrates Car Speed By Racing A Golf Ball [Video]

Former F1 racer David Coulthard caught a 180mph golf ball in a Mercedes Roadster, 275 metres away from the tee, setting a new world record.

Home Volkswagen Uses Facebook For Nostalgic Golf GTI Launch

The car company has created a campaign with a 'Back to the Future' feel to celebrate its upcoming 35th anniversary.

Design 'iPad Head Girl' Goes Viral Promoting Cosmo For Guys [Video]

Viral marketing hit sees a girl in the park wearing a helmet made from 4 iPads.

Advertising Hyundai Creates Giant Augmented Reality Installation For New Viral Ad

Possibly the first instance of an ad created solely with an augmented reality projection.

Home A Golden Voice Meets The Power Of The Internet

The life of Ted Williams, a homeless man with a great radio voice, changed rapidly when a video of him was posted on YouTube.

Advertising The Most Shared (Viral) Brands of 2010

Rubber Republic offers an informative analysis of what branded content was most shared, and where.