Viral Videos

Advertising Anamorphic Film Creates Optical Illusions Out Of Ordinary Desk Items [Video]

Ray-Ban ad contrasts sunglasses with deceptively realistic 2D cutouts.

Home Drew Neisser: How CollegeHumor Gets Clicks

The CEO of the popular site chats with PSFK columnist to reveal that the brand views itself as a multiplatform, multimedia studio rather than just an online hub.

Technology Tool Tells Advertisers If Their Video Will Go Viral

Unruly's 'ShareRank' algorithm allows them to predict the shareability of content before it has been launched.

Advertising How To Make Something Go Viral [Video]

A tongue-in-cheek video from agency John St. on how to reach millions of clicks acknowledges today's wildly popular medium of video.

Technology VitaminWater Ad Pays Homage To Internet Memes [Video]

The new 30-second commercial features nyan cats, planking and the sexy sax man.

Work Ok Go New Music Video Stars A Chevy Truck As The Band

Chicago four man rock group teams with car manufacturer to create their next creative music video.

Technology YouTube Pits Top Videos Against Each Other To Help Share Content

Users vote for their favorites and earn points for predicting the most popular videos.

Technology Seth Godin: Do You Have A Filter Hierarchy (Yet)? [Headlines]

"How do you rank the incoming? How do you decide what to expose yourself to next?"

Design enovate: A New Generation of Chinese ‘Nerdy Guys’

A unique niche of young Chinese guys is currently being carved out amongst Post-80’s and Post-90’s Chinese Youth. This is the Nerdy Guy.