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Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Digital Travel Concierge Targets Millennials With Exclusive Experience And Mobile Support

Travel a la Carte is an all-in-one travel booking platform that caters specifically to millennial needs with personalized opportunities and 24/7 mobile assistance

Brand Activation & Immersion Nike Air Max Fans Can Shop The Brand's Virtual Reality Popup

As part of the campaign celebrating its Air Max shoe, Nike launched a virtual shop where customers can receive limited-edition merch after purchasing the latest 720 sneaker

Analysis How Brands Like Nike Use Mobile Apps To Improve The Store Experience

Retailers are deploying AR and chat-based mobile apps to guide and assist shoppers as they navigate the physical store

Design Sony Is Bringing Its Robotic Dog Project Back To Life

The AIBO could soon be up for sale again

Advertising Turn Your Personal Memories Into Data

Mylestone is a service that lets people catalog their thoughts and memories on Amazon's Alexa

Technology When Siri Clones Won't Do: The Many Shades of Facebook's AI-Powered Future

BuzzFeed staffers, a software engineer, and PSFK's Director of Research & Strategy chart Facebook M's accomodating, expanding and troubling capabilities

Work Microsoft's Robot Assistants Will Soon Run Your Office

Situated Interaction project features automated secretaries and smart elevators.

Design Personal Assistant App Predicts The Information That People Will Need

Organize thoughts and conversations with this virtual secretary platform.

Gaming & Play Virtual Assistant Avatar Delivers Messages With Human Emotions [Video]

'Zoe' is a digital talking head created by the Cambridge Research Lab and the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering.

Technology Is 2012 The Year Of The Virtual Assistant? [Headlines]

Looking beyond Siri, will the next generation of 'assistants' look more like companions, able to help us with more than just task delegation?

Technology Songwriter Sings A Duet With Siri [Video]

YouTube singing sensation Jonathan Mann performs with the iPhone's virtual assistant.

Technology MeetGatsby Matches Strangers Through Foursquare

MeetGatsby is a virtual assistant service that mayches nearby strangers who may be interested in meeting.