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Advertising Burger King Has Created Its Own Cryptocurrency Called WhopperCoin

The fast food chain is launching its own cryptocurrency in Russia as a part of a rewards program for customers

Technology eBay Hosts A Trading Marketplace For Virtual Currencies

The e-commerce giant opened a new category for listings of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other similar currencies.

Work Could Bitcoin Mining Be An Environmental Nightmare?

Even digital digging can have an impact on our ecosystem.

Gaming & Play Amazon Introduces Virtual Currency

Amazon Coins will be geared towards developers to help increase downloads and monetization.

Technology Facebook Working With Developers To Test Its Credits For Websites

The social network hopes that its virtual currency will become a payment option across the internet.

Innovation Flexcoin: The First Online Bitcoin Bank

The smartphone app turns your phone into a Bitcoin Debit card or mobile Bitcoin wallet.

Design Merchants Accepting Virtual Currency Bitcoin

Bitcoin is used to buy smaller items by some in the mainstream marketplace, but will it scale well to larger purchases?

Work Bitcoin Thief Steals Almost Half A Million Dollars

In the first theft of its size, a user loses most of his balance of Bitcoins - the digital peer-to-peer currency.

Technology What Is Bitcoin? [Headlines]

Global, private and untraceable, it's the monetary system of choice for libertarians, geeks, businesspeople and, apparently, drug kingpins.

Technology Is Bitcoin The Most Dangerous Technological Project Since The Web Itself?

Launch examines Bitcoin in an article that discusses the controversial P2P electronic currency, outlining what they've learned after researching it, and making some predictions for the future.

Work Could Facebook Credits Work As A Real-World Currency?

The Purple List, PSFK's network of experts, considers the future of virtual currency.

Advertising Cashless Economy: Dibspace Founder's Bid To Live On Virtual Currency For A Year

To draw more people to his site, Dibspace founder, Dominic Canterbury, plans to pay for everything from rent to food for an entire year using nothing but virtual currency.