virtual world

Children Play-Doh Brings Kids' Creations To Life In A Virtual World

Children can now enhance playtime by sculpting characters and creating unique worlds for them

Gaming & Play Go Shopping On Facebook In A 3D Virtual World

Yogurtistan's online retail universe lets users create and customize an avatar, interact with others and make purchases.

Innovation Offscreen Toys Spring To Life In A Videogame [Future Of Gaming]

US videogame developer Activision is set to launch a game called 'Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure' that incorporates physical toys into digital gameplay.

Gaming & Play Gamers Purchase Virtual Goods And Contribute To Real World Clean Water Supply [Future Of Gaming]

MiniMonos is a virtual world aimed at immersing children in themes related to social responsibility and sustainability.

Design New Display Translates Motion Into Digital Environments

T(ether) offers real time 1:1 hand and face tracking that can foster collaboration across several devices.

Technology Urban Codemakers: Rezoning Melbourne Through Play

The 'Micronation of Ludea' are a group of three 'guilds' located in Melbourne where 'language and culture are generated via play.'

Advertising Can Virtual Recycling On Facebook Help Clean Up Trash In The Real World?

Waste Management, the largest recycler in North America, is releasing Oceanopolis, a new social game to encourage conservation of resources.

Retail American Girl Launching Virtual World For Girls And Their Dolls

Popular toy brand creates an exclusive online space.

Design Adobe Museum Of Digital Media To Feature Groundbreaking Electronic Design

A new virtual space will host complex exhibits covering a range of digital disciplines.

Technology US Army To Build Virtual World As Training Ground

The military is taking inspiration from Second Life to develop a virtual simulation for soldiers.

Advertising Fauxvism: Landscape Paintings From Video Games

Artist James Barnett creates landscape paintings from scenes found in 3D video games.