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Retail Sephora Launches Augmented Reality Makeup Artist

The service allows customers to pick ideal products using a Facebook Messenger chatbot

Artbot Creates A Constant Stream Of Abstract Expressionist Art

The "electropollock" is the recent invention combining technology, art and robotics from ::vtol::

Design Perspective-Altering Installation Rethinks Time And Space [Video]

Olivier Ratsi's Onion Skin is an immersive installation displayed on two wall-sized screens that displays animations to “peel” through new universes.

Technology Augmented Reality Tattoo Art Depicts Designs Rising Out Of The Skin [Pics]

Visual artist Alison Bennett’s 'Shifting Skin' project features photos of tattoos and uses AR to project 3D simulations of the skin’s tone and texture.

Video Redbull Goes Inside The Mind Of Brian Eno [Video]

A new short film created with m ss ng p eces reveals the inspiration of the iconic man responsible for breathing life into light

Advertising How To Reimagine The Canvas

Artist Shantell finds new mediums in skin, denim and even her granny's sewing. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

Design Map Mashup Highlights Where People Aren't Using Facebook

Visual arts graduate student Ian Wojtowicz mashed together two well-known maps to create 'The UnFacebook World.'

Design LA Sign Language By Patrick Martinez [Video]

The visual artist captures the neon signs and bright lights of the city at night in this short video.