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Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Mastercard Launches Sonic Identity To Immerse Consumers In Its Brand

Mastercard designed a signature sound that plays when customers use its services across various platforms, further defining its digital identity and joining the growing sonic space as voice technology continues to expand

Advertising Subway Shows Off A Creative New Visual Identity

The sandwich chain has rebranded itself with whimsical images of its ingredients

Advertising Designing Netflix's New Global Identity

Netflix's visual identity represents company's outlook on the future

Design Jewish Museum's New Identity Harkens Back To Historic Design System [Pics]

Sagmeister & Walsh use "Sacred Geometry" to give unified meaning to a collection of 30,000 items.

Technology How Google Constructs Its Visual Identity [Pics]

A senior designer has published the company’s graphic design guidelines.

Design Heineken Opens Advertising Archives, Invites Fans To ‘Remix’ Its Past Visual Identity

To celebrate the brand’s 140th birthday, it is challenging designers to create an iconic bottle of the future.

Advertising How Much Did Famous Logos Cost To Design? [Gallery]

A look at the price tag of some famous logo redesigns- including the recent Microsoft change- begs the question, what's the value of a logo?

Work 'Opposites' Posters Get To The Core Of Brand Design

Students create a series of posters that capture the essence of trademark design in a class hosted by Chermayeff & Geismar.

Advertising (Pics) Trusto Corp Rebrands Human Behavior

Over the weekend, we came across a new interpretation of product placement in New York City's shopping establishments.