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Beauty Report Launch: Check Out PSFK’s Shopper Data Debrief

Our latest report shows how retailers can leverage in-store analytics to create a mutually beneficial exchange with consumers

Fashion & Apparel AI Startup Helps Retailers Enable Visual Search Capabilities

Syte will provide online retailers with a visual search navigation tool that lets consumers shop by icon, catering to growing shopper preference fueled by social media for visual discovery

Shopper Education & Assistance Forever 21's AI Visual Search Lets Customers Browse By Outfit Features

The retail brand is using Donde Search's AI-powered feature  to bring the discovery experience of traditional retail to online shopping, letting customers search for clothing in more intuitive, visual ways

Home Vacationers Can Upload Their Travel Photos To Find Matching Art For Home

The Saatchi Art Match tool allows users to submit their images and visually search its collection of original works for similar art pieces to purchase

Store Experience & Design eBay Enhances Shoppers' Buying Experiences With AI-Enabled Visual Search Function

The mega e-commerce platform is debuting an upgraded visual search tool that enables customers to create product shortlists of the most relevant products

Retail Visual And Group Search Make The Home-Buying Experience Easier added a visual search tool for houses, along with a social element that lets users explore listings with family and friends

Beauty Pinterest Filters Let Users Search Beauty Content By Skin Tone

The inclusive discovery tool uses AI to tailor results to users looking for product inspiration and beauty tips

Fashion & Apparel Everyday Consumers Can Monetize Posts With Visual Shopping App

Screenshop, which turns fashion photos into shoppable lists of similar items, has added a social element to its e-commerce app

Op-Ed Op-Ed: 5 Retail Strategies From Shoptalk For The 'Customer-Obsessed'

YourStudio's Tom Philipson shares his takeaways from Shoptalk, which see successful brands and retailers working on unified customer journeys, rapid experimentation and community

Retail ASOS Rolls Out Visual Search Feature Worldwide

Find those sneakers with just a click of the camera

Retail Search For Products On eBay Using Images Instead Of Words

Image-recognition features enable shoppers to use photos from their phones or online to find items they want to purchase

Technology Snap A Photo Of A Dress And Shop For It On Pinterest

The social site's new feature will allow users to take a photo of real life objects, and shop for similar items online