Design Tablet Makes Visual Information Tactile For The Visually Impaired

Researchers in Switzerland have come up with a tablet with magnetic pins for users to feel where they are on a map and where they need to go

Automotive VW's Autonomous Vehicle Concept Is 'Driven' With A Key Fob

Sedric is a new mobility design can be hailed with a unique piece of hardware

Technology Wearable For Visually Impaired Is A Guide For Indoor Spaces

Toyota's new project provides more freedom, independence and confidence

These Toy Bricks Help Blind Children Learn To Read

Braille Bricks were created as a tool to encourage creativity and learning

Technology Facebook Is Using AI To Write Captions For Blind Users

Phrase "Image may contain" brings joy to users as they discover whole new side of Facebook

Technology Sunglasses Designed To Help The Blind See

New technology by a blind software developer at Microsoft could improve lives

Design A Wall Kit Helps Visually Impaired Sense Their Surroundings

This device works for both at-home use and mobility rehabilitation training

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Map Traffic Lights to Help the Visually Impaired

SeeLight app helps the blind navigate city streets through audible cues that instruct users on when to cross the road

Advertising The Visually Impaired Get the Google Maps They Deserve

Contextually-driven data and live transportation updates let users navigate the world more accurately

Advertising Google Maps Redesign Harnesses Adaptive Data for Visually-Impaired

Contextually-driven data and live transportation updates let users navigate the world more accurately

Innovation Telescopic Contact Lens is Triggered by Winks

High-tech microlenses will help the visually impaired and professionals in specialized fields

Technology A Global Network Of Eyes Gives Sight To the Blind

Be My Eyes app uses active video-chat to connect volunteers and the visually-impaired

Technology New Apps Allow Visually Impaired to Benefit More From Smartphones

Application helps visually impaired users get color information from their smart phones

Design 3D Printing the Universe for the Visually Impaired

Several astronomy-focused initiatives are working to bring visions of space to would-be explorers through their other senses.