Analysis How Beverage Brands Like Tito's Drive Engagement With Tech Integrations

Leading beverage retailers are harnessing the power of technology like augmented reality and connected app experiences to bring their products to life in new ways

Food & Beverage NYRIW Preview: How A Global Vodka Brand Goes DTC With Hyper-Local Distilleries

To be explored in a site visit to its micro-distillery Our/New York during New York Retail Innovation Week, Pernod Ricard is fostering direct connections with local consumers by creating distilleries unique to their locations, sourcing local ingredients and embodying the spirit of the city to compete in a market burgeoning with DTC brands

Health Ketel One Vodka Targets Millennial Women With 'Girls' Night In' Campaign

The brand is positioning its Botanical line as a go-to for conscious young women, catering to the demographic's interest in health and self-care

Retail How Food Brands Are Catering To The Millennial Kitchen

Helping consumers cook as well as allowing them to purchase the materials they need, brands from Tito's to Allrecipes are turning to virtual interfaces that combine branded support like directions or recipes with shoppable capabilities

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Spotify Podcast Listeners Receive A New Amsterdam Vodka Drink Recipe

The vodka brand's podcast will feature interviews with up-and-coming hip-hop artists, as well as cocktail recipes that can be made with the spirit

Shopper Education & Assistance Tito's AI-Enabled Chatbot Walks Spirits Enthusiasts Through Craft Cocktail Recipes

The vodka brand and created the Barkeep chatbot to guide users through popular drink recipes and even enable home-delivery of Tito's through service Drizly

Cafe & Restaurant How Beverage Companies Are Leveraging Unique Experiences

Alcohol and soft drink brands are piquing consumer interest with new experiences, from robotic decanters to chatbots and cocktail vending machines

Advertising Absolut's Transparency Campaign Features Real Employees Nude

Absolut's new ad campaign, "The vodka with nothing to hide," features 28 of their employees completely naked

Advertising Svedka Vodka Made A Halloween Ad That Haunts You Online

The campaign uses digital banners to curse users with 'hellish' ads

Food & Beverage California Distillery Creates Vodka From Food Waste

A bartender and agricultural economist team up to create a niche in an evergreen category

Design Unique Vodka Bottles Branded Specifically As A Gift To Google

As a Google Campus moves into the city of Warsaw, a branding company celebrates the move with a special vodka designed specifically for the company

Absolut Establishes Itself As A Fine Art Dealer

The well-known vodka maker has enlisted curators from around the world to help them build a new online marketplace

Design How One Vodka Brand Changes Taste Across Different Cities

Our/Vodka teams up with local entrepreneurs to give selected locations like Paris and Detroit their own urban vodka

Luxury Grey Goose on the Road with Vodka Mobile Martini Bar

Boulangerie van houses bespoke cocktail consultations