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Samsung's UK Mobile Chief Thinks Phones Should Be Our 'Slaves, Not Masters'

The company believes a shift to a more connected and ‘concierge-like’ experience is needed to combat our smartphone-obsessed society

Delivery & Logistics Target Is Taking Voice-Activated Shopping Nationwide

Customers can now order items from the retailer through Google Express and get 2-day delivery

Infants Why Mattel Decided To Cancel Its Voice Activated AI For Kids

Aristotle was supposed to act as an Alexa for young children

Children Mattel's Aristotle Is A Voice-Activated Baby Monitor And Nanny

Mattel has introduced an AI voice-activated device made specifically to recognize the tones of a child

Home Add Voice-Activated Commands To Any Curtains In Your Home

Slide will open the blinds from anywhere in the house, outside of the house and also have them open when a built-in timer goes off

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Hotel Is Adding Amazon Echo To Each Room

Wynn Resorts is bringing the AI technology to their Las Vegas rooms to give guests voice-activated control

Design Aloft Has Created The First Voice-Activated Hotel Room

Lights off, lights on: just say the command and Siri will automatically update the space to a guest's request

Technology Voice-Activated AI System Controls Connected Home Devices

A friendly system that hopes to make home connectivity easy to customize

Advertising Interactive Radio Ads Let Consumers Vocally Respond to Brands

XAPPmedia's ads are a direct-response marketing tool that connect brands directly with consumers with just a few spoken words

Gaming & Play Steve Clayton: Speak New Languages Instantly With Microsoft Tech

This voice recognition software translates your speech and then uses your own voice to talk in another language.

Design Tiny, Voice-Controlled Computer Plugs Into A Regular Wall Socket

'Ubi' is an always-on device that plugs into a wall socket and you can ask it to search the Internet for you, make calls, check emails, etc.

Design Machine Shoots Popcorn Into User's Mouths Any Time They Say ‘Pop’ [Video]

The Popinator aims to change how popcorn is eaten by launching it at you from up to 15 feet away, after calculating where the spoken word originated from.

Advertising Stella Artois Shares The Secret Of How Their Iconic Chalice Is Made

This voice-activated, interactive online experience guides users on a virtual tour through the chalice factory.

Technology Check Facebook In Your Ford With Voice Commands

Integrating social media into vehicles could provide users with a more connected yet safer driving experience.