voice assistant

Brand Activation & Immersion Whiskas Pet Food's Interactive Voice Assistant Encourages Kids' Curiosity

The cat food brand released a cat-shaped device meant for children that asks questions instead of answering them, encouraging education in their everyday lives

Baby Boomers Alexa Skills Provide Interactive Guidance To Sufferers Of Dementia

Developed by the Alzheimer's Society, the voice assistant skill helps those suffering from early-stage dementia remember to follow prescriptions, take meals and celebrate loved ones' birthdays

Store Experience & Design Visitors To Google's Tokyo Haunted House Receive Access Through A "Ghost" Assistant

The tech giant is running a haunted house in Tokyo that requires guests to ask Google Assistant for entry, capitalizing on the mainstream holiday to promote its voice technology

Cafe & Restaurant How Voice Is Streamlining Online Orders

As consumers familiarize themselves with AI assistants for mobile and home, shopping by voice enables hands-free convenience and personalized retail interactions

Advertising Spike Jonze Creates An Immersive Music Video For Apple's HomePod

The director makes another jaw-dropping visual feast to advertie the tech giant's latest AI device

Delivery & Logistics This Home Voice Assistant Will Not Sell Your Data

A competitor for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Mycroft's new voice-enabled device is open source and does not collect data without permission

Food & Beverage Alexa's Celebrity Voices Extend Beyond Amazon's Popular Super Bowl Ad

Building off the success of the retailer's star-studded Super Bowl commercial, a new Alexa skill brings chef Gordon Ramsay into your kitchen

Design Alexa-Linked AR Glasses Let Wearers Access The Voice Assistant Anywhere

AR sunglasses from Vuzix connect to Alexa and display any information the digital assistant can find

Home Google Kit Lets You Control Small Paper Objects With Your Voice

Paper Signals lets users animate small paper objects to track the weather or the price of Bitcoin

Fashion & Apparel Amazon's Echo Can Now Deliver Fashion Advice From Strangers

A new Amazon Echo feature allows users to post a pair of outfits on Amazon Spark and receive feedback from the community

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel KLM Is Using Google's Voice Assistant To Help Travelers Pack

This packing assistant provides travelers with a list of supplies they'll need during their trip

Retail Moët Hennessy Alexa Skill Teaches You About Champagne

Bottles and Bubbles leverages the voice tech to help consumers become connoisseurs

Gaming & Play Destiny 2 Brings Personal Voice Assistants To Gaming

Compatible with Amazon's Alexa, it is the first-ever integrated voice companion in a live gaming experience

Syndicated How Amazon’s Alexa Is Becoming Part Of The Family

In 2017 voice recognition has gone mainstream, with the Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers all competing for space in your life