voice control

Advertising BBC's Streaming Service Can Use The Viewer's Voice As A Remote

BBC and Microsoft partnered to see how the iPlayer service might use voice as a controlling mechanism

Retail This Automated Vending Machine Is Trying To Compete With Amazon GO

The kiosk developed by entrepreneur Tom Murn allows shoppers to take out and inspect items before purchasing

Features Why Voice Control Is Finally Speaking Our Language

The success of Amazon Echo shows we are one step closer to actually holding meaningful conversations with machines

Design Smart Watch Responds To Voice Commands, Answers Calls & Send Texts

The Martian Watch is a bluetooth-enabled smartwatch that lets you give voice commands to send and receive calls and texts via your Android or iOS device.

Home College Freshman Completely Automates Dorm Room

UC Berkeley student programmed his lights, curtains, and music to turn on/off with a push of a button or simple voice command like 'party mode.'

Technology Apple Patents Siri-Style Voice Control For Cameras [Headlines]

The tech company is set to develop hands-free, automated control for smartphone cameras.

Work How Can We Make Technology More Natural? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Steve Clayton from Microsoft shares his vision for the future of technology in which any and every surface will be a screen.

Advertising PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

We review the best in design, culture, art and fashion and creative business in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Tell Your Mobile Shopping List What To Add And Delete

Android app includes voice-control feature to help you manage your grocery list better.

Home Hello Kitty Interactive Cookbook Lets You Tell It When To Turn The Page

Voice control options ensure a mess-free cooking session in the kitchen.

Interview Will Samsung Be Launching A Voice And Gesture Controlled Tablet?

Intuitive devices, rumored to be released, will allow users to operate them using speech and motion commands.

Design Voice-Controlled Camera Concept Lets You Say When To Take The Shot

A new innovative design lets users take pictures and select modes without ever pressing a button.

Innovation Siri, Meet Your Talking Tech Ancestor, The Furby [Video]

In a lighthearted take on cross-generational communication, the late-90's talking toy meets the advanced iPhone assistant. Will they get along?

Harman: 7 Of 10 Want In-Car Voice Control [Headlines]

Drivers want regular electricity outlets, voice-controlled email, mp3 integration and will pay more for it.