voice controlled

Design Voice-Controlled Device Makes Window Blinds Automated

The Brunt Blind Engine can turn most types of window coverings into something that responds to your voice

Interview How Alexa Integration Is Making Smart Homes More Powerful

Ayla Networks recently announced an enhanced suite of services leveraging the tool for Internet of Things manufacturers

Technology Check Facebook In Your Ford With Voice Commands

Integrating social media into vehicles could provide users with a more connected yet safer driving experience.

Technology Android Gets Siri For Web Searches

Dolphin Sonar will give Android mobile owners the ability to conduct voice-activated web queries.

Technology Unlock Your Android With Just Your Voice

Google has filed a patent that would give users more freedom and increased security.

Technology Multimedia Siri Finds And Plays Whatever You Ask For

The makers of the voice-controlled technology partners with Gracenote to develop new media specific digital search technology.

Technology Siri-Style Music Player Comes To The Windows Phone

New app helps users manage their media library simply through voice commands.

Home LG's Voice-Controlled Televisions Can Tweet For You & Find Movie Recommendations

New technology makes it possible for your home entertainment system to understand spoken commands.

Design Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock Responds To Your Commands

ivee is an intelligent speech recognition device with over 30 voice-activated commands.

Design Voice-Controlled Camera Concept Lets You Say When To Take The Shot

A new innovative design lets users take pictures and select modes without ever pressing a button.

Innovation Ford Offers Voice-Controlled Radio So You Can Share Music With Friends

New technology and added social media features will enable users to find out what friends are listening to while they drive.

Technology iPhone 4S Gives You Answers To The Meaning Of Life

Apple's voice-controlled Siri app is smart enough to answer novel and comical questions.