voice recognition

Fashion & Apparel H&M On How Its Voice-Activated Mirror Is Connecting Its Digital And IRL Identities Through The Power Of Selfies

The retailer explains to PSFK how it's integrating voice and facial recognition technology into its brick-and-mortar stores in an effort to upgrade the IRL shopping experience and incentivize store visits

Entertainment American Airlines Lets Passengers Peruse In-Flight Entertainment Via Alexa

The airline is letting Alexa users check what movie options their flight will have from the comfort of their home, helping them better prepare for their flight

Food & Beverage Consumers Can Ask Alexa When Their Leftovers Will Go Bad

IoT storage containers integrate with Amazon Alexa and display color-coded lights to warn users when food is about to expire, reducing waste

Cafe & Restaurant At Alibaba's Cashier-Free Store, A Smile Gets Customers A Discount

Facial recognition rewards happy customers at the Chinese retailer's new brick-and-mortar concept

Home Spotify Is Testing Its Own Voice Assistant To Control Your Music

The streaming service’s voice recognition system seeks to free it from reliance on Siri and Alexa, paving way to launch its own smart speaker

Automotive Byton Smart SUV Debuts At CES With Biometric Vehicle Controls

The drivable concept car incorporates voice recognition, biometric identification and hand gesture controls

Technology This Startup Is Using Voice Recognition To Reshape Bedtime Stories

Novel Effects is matching nighttime reading with tech-powered sound effects

Retail Alibaba Is Venturing Into Cashier-Free Retail Stores

The Tao Cafe in China uses facial and voice recognition systems to track purchases seamlessly

Health This Smart Pharmacy That Is Your Doctor, Nutritionist & Search Engine All In One

In our latest Future of Health report, Pillo cofounder and CEO Emanuele Musini told us about their AI bot that is rescuing people from painfully long pharmacy wait lines

Advertising Designer Created A Chair That Shocks Sitters To Stimulate The Creative Process

Daan Roosegaarde grew tired of hearing 'yes, but' during creative discussions when someone heard a new idea, prompting him to design a piece that delivers a mild charge when that phrase is uttered

Advertising Digital Swear Jar Fines You For Using Bad Language

Comic Relief is combining fun with philanthropy with their new Red Nose Day Campaign that centers around their virtual swear jar app

Features Why Voice Control Is Finally Speaking Our Language

The success of Amazon Echo shows we are one step closer to actually holding meaningful conversations with machines

Health Wearable Captioning Device For Hearing Impaired Conveys Emotion And Tone

The device also allows people to record and better understand conversation transcripts for later reference