Technology Tablet Software Helps Campaign Volunteers Better Canvass Neighborhoods

Polis gives campaign HQs real time analytics while assisting volunteers in the field

Home Crowdsourcing the Skies for Better Search and Rescue

Drones and 'virtual' rescue volunteers unite to bring speedier aid to survivors

Design Photographer Brings Childhood Nightmares To Life [Pics]

An artist that explores our deepest, darkest, earliest fears and captures them on film

Technology Citizens Help Astronomers Spot Galaxies Computers Can’t Find

The SpaceWarps project invites people to look at images of space to identify galaxies that bend light around them.

Technology Project Turns Emails Into Beautiful, Handwritten Letters [Pics]

Snail Mail My Email is a collaborative project that turned people's digital messages into physical works of art.

Advertising IKEA Asks Volunteers To Help Them Move Their Store [Video]

When the retailer moved locations in Bergen, Norway, they decided to ask the local people to help out with different tasks to engage with the community.

London Cinema Uses Covert Ninjas To Hush Rude Moviegoers

The Prince Charles Cinema in London is using volunteers clad in black lycra body suits to warn people who chat to their friends or use their cellphone in the theater.

Design Dutch Cafe Doubles As Community Repair Shop

A number of these places are appearing across The Netherlands, with volunteers who help mend broken appliances, electronics and other objects.

Gaming & Play How To Locate Livable Planets Out Beyond Our Solar System [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the Project Lead of Planet Hunters, a browser-based online platform that asks participants to help discover evidence of planets outside of our solar system.

Home Makeshift Kitchen At 'Occupy Wall Street' Serves Up Eclectic Cuisine

Those sympathetic to the protestors send out food donations, which are then sorted and prepared by volunteers.

Innovation Designing Better Tools For Communication During Crisis

A prototype platform demonstrates how web and mobile tools can help workers in rescue situations.

Design An Internet-Enabled Rescue Dog

Internet Messenger Dog is a conceptual project in which trained dogs are strapped with Internet-enabled jackets to allow survivors of a disaster to send messages to their family.