Brand Activation & Immersion Birkenstock Offers New York Shoppers First-Ever U.S. Store

Joining the trend of retailers going DTC, the popular German footwear brand is opening an NYC store that will feature its full collection in addition to accessories and even a skincare line

Design Vegan Sneakers Are Made Of Fungi And Other Sustainable Materials

German brands Zvnder and nat-2 designed vegan and organic sneakers made from tree fungus

Children An 11-Year-Old Helped Design Acne Studios' Latest Sneaker Collection

The Swedish label's creative director Johnny Johansson had his pre-teen son contribute to the kicks for the Spring 2018 collection

Fashion & Apparel These Sandals Act Like A Bodyguard For Your Fancy Kicks

At Paris Men's Fashion Week, Sankuanz unveiled protective gear to keep your prized sneakers pristine

Design Sneakers For Seniors Can Call For Help In An Emergency

These smart shoes were designed to reach out to emergency services if they detect that the wearer has fallen

Children Adjustable Shoe Can Expand To Fit Growing Children

This shoe was designed for children living in extreme poverty to get many years of wear out of a single pair

Advertising Hong Kong Pop-Up Pays Homage To An Iconic Nike Style

Nike x Virgil Abloh's The Ten collection was recently put on full display at the Central District in Hong Kong

Retail Adidas Bids For The Future Of Footwear Production With Speedfactory

The groundbreaking manufacturing process is tailored to cities and optimized for athletes

Advertising Designer Creates Miniature Works Of Art Out Of Trail Markers

To promote the natural beauty of Graubünden, the town sought the help of a local artist to create mini-masterpieces that would serve as trail markings for hikers

Entertainment These Vegan Sneakers Are Made From Pineapple Leaf Leather

Fiber from pineapple leaves create a leather-like textile for these cool, Star-Wars inspired hightops

Fashion & Apparel Adidas Has Created A Pair Of Beer-Repellent Shoes

In case you're attending Oktoberfest, Adidas launched a new pair of sneakers that are meant to withstand even the hardest day of partying

Advertising Nike's New Shoes Come With Stencils So Wearers Can Customize Them However They Want

Nike has launched a new pair of sports footwear that gives wearers the option to color in the swoosh themselves

Advertising Yves Saint Laurent Designed A Pair Of Roller Skate Stilettos

The French fashion house created a new kind of high heeled phenomenon, with roller skates attached

Health Exoskeleton Is Designed To Help Stroke Patients Walk

A lightweight device from ReWalk was made to help patients who have suffered from a stroke improve their strength and ability to get around