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Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Personalized Investment Service Aims To Close The Financial Gap For Women

Created by former Wall Street CEO, Ellevest wants to offer women tailored investment plans

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple has too much cash, checked baggage fees are here to stay and eBay may accept bitcoins...links to start your day with.

Technology Facebook IPO Is 3rd Largest In History [Headlines]

Social media site goes public; share prices put its valuation at $104 billion.

Work Experimental Art Project Generates Energy From World Currency Exchange

A "poet of ideas" creates a company that captures the current between two metal currencies that mirror those being traded digitally.

Gaming & Play Recruiters Use Games To Rank Young Financial Professionals

A finance industry recruiting platform asks participants to play assessment games to build and prove their skills.

Advertising Ed Cotton: 'Money Culture' = See It, Make It, Spend It

Trader Monthly magazine video chronicles the decade Wall Street went insane.

Innovation Wall Street Protesters Have Released An Official Newspaper

Supporters for the Occupy Wall Street protest have released an official newspaper to explain their goals.

Should You Support The #OccupyWallStreet Protests? [Headlines]

"Occupy Wall Street is a peaceful stand against the big American rip-off. Support it and regain your dignity." Mark Ruffalo

Is This The Occupation Of America? [Headlines]

Has the Occupy Wall Street movement, which started as a leaderless group of several hundred protestors in lower Manhattan rallying against the failed policies of the federal government and corporate greed, finally started to gain momentum and transform itself into a broader national movement?

Hundreds Arrested In New York 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest [Headlines]

an 700 anti-Wall Street protesters arrested for blocking traffic on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge during an unauthorised march.

What Are They Protesting? PSFK Goes To Wall Street

Going on two weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been galvanized by recent violence yet is committed to carrying on. However, the main stream media is still foggy on the root cause of the protest.

Twitter Becomes Latest Tool For Hedge Fund Managers [Headlines]

Hedge fund managers in London analyze tweets to predict share price patterns.

Innovation Two Track Economy: Profit On Wall Street, Recession On Main [Headlines]

In America's deeply dysfunctional economy, unemployment is stuck at a 'new normal' of 9%, while corporate profits race ahead.

China's Video Sharing Website Enters The Nasdaq [Headlines]

Tudou, the 'Youtube of China' makes its way to Wall Street with 6m shares priced at $29 each.