Fashion & Apparel How Brands Are Helping Consumers Turn Their Own Data Into Services And Rewards

Companies are handing control over to consumers, enabling them to trade and sell their own personal data in an assortment of digital marketplaces

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Singapore Airlines Fliers Can Use Digital Wallet To Purchase Goods With Their Air Miles

The airliner's blockchain-based digital wallet lets passengers translate their accrued miles flown into digital currency, which they can then use to purchase real-life goods

Retail Target Introduces Mobile Wallet To Speed Up Checkout Time

Target updated its mobile app to include a Wallet for customers to find discounts and make purchases

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Ditch Your Wallet For This Single Universal Card

The Fuze Card is made to slim down your whole wallet into one nifty card

Technology Visa's New Glasses Can Make Payments At Stores

The credit card company has developed prototype sunglasses which can be used to pay at any store that takes cards

Consumer Goods This Wall Plug Will Help You Track All The Misplaced Items In Your Home

TrackR has developed a new hub that attaches to an electric socket to make it easier to keep tabs on valuable possessions around the house

Design Wallet Automatically Sorts Change From Bills

The KIN wallet is designed to quickly separate cash and coins with a simple flip

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services ATM Let You Take Out Money Using A Phone

Customers banking with the new system can use their mobile device to quickly and seamlessly withdraw funds from their account

Design Eject Your Cards From This Unloseable Wallet

The Ekster Wallet is reimagining how we take out our cards to make payments

Work Charge Trips to Your Credit Card, Charge Phones with Your Wallet

Save space and charge phones from inside your pocket

Design A Motion to Give Credit Cards Motion

A small change equals a huge convenience with a new design concept for credit cards

Advertising Turn a Starbucks Bag into a Functional Wallet

A little trick will help you turn a drab brew bag into a nifty money-keeper

Design Bluetooth Wallet Cries Out When Credit Cards Fall Out

An effective way to keep your plastic safe and protect against identity theft.

Who Is Using Virtual Wallets? [Infographic]

Financial industry startup Wallaby has released data about their users.