Advertising Facebook Changes Users' Listed Email Adresses Without Warning [Headlines]

The social network rolls out new feature and replaces users' listed email addresses with '@facebook.com' alternative.

Design Vibrating Steering Wheel Signals Drivers As They Approach Turns

Communications giant creates the world's first vibrating steering wheel, providing drivers with turn-by-turn navigational assistance.

Apple's iOS 5 For Japan To Come With Earthquake Alert Feature [Headlines]

Apple knows how to cater to its market. The iOS5 for Japan, one of the most earth-quake-prone countries in the world, is to come with an early earthquake warning feature.

Google Warns 1M Users Of Search-Hijacking Virus [Headlines]

The online giant discovers a virus that hijacks user searches and redirects them to websites by cyber criminals.

Gaming & Play Zynga Warns You That There Are Dangers Of Getting Rich [Headlines]

Online gaming company Zynga has grown to generate over $90 million in profits, and warns in its 'Risk Factors' section for a stock market prospectus that there will be wealth disparities amongst employees.

Luxury Israel Takes Flak For Flotilla Warning Against Journalists

Local and international journalists respond to Israel's immanent threat.