Warren Buffett

Delivery & Logistics Apple Created A 'Technology Enabled' Healthcare Service For Employees

Following Amazon’s lead, the iPhone maker is creating in-house clinics and health services for employees

Health Amazon Wants To Rethink Corporate Healthcare

Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway announced a partnership to establish a new health insurance company for their employees

Home Why Warren Buffett Bought Heinz

Buying well-known consumer brands unlikely to be derailed by the digital age may be the key to the billionaire's success.

Luxury Warren Buffett Believes In The Future Of Newspapers

Billionaire investor makes 2nd print news purchase in a year, buying 63 newspapers, and saying he believes small-town publications lend a sense of community.

Advertising Avon Faces Possible Buyout As Profits Slide [Headlines]

With the beauty brand failing to meet expectations, talks of a buyout loom and perfume maker Coty bids close to $11b for control of the company.

Technology Jay-Z & Warren Buffett Teach Kids About Money

The pair will feature in TV series 'Secret Millionaires Club' to teach kids financial literacy.

Retail Warren Buffett Ups Stake In Tesco [Headlines]

Tesco's chief executive Phil Clarke has been given a boost by one of his most important shareholders, Warren Buffett, increasing his stake.