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Consumer Goods This Colorful Ball Will Prevent Microfibres From Your Laundry Ending Up In The Ocean

To prevent plastic fibers in our oceans, this recycled plastic ball will collect any microfiber from your clothes when you do the laundry

Design Cook Dinner Using A Washing Machine

A student from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Tel Aviv has created food bags that can be placed in the washing machine to cook full gourmet meals

Design A Perfect Washing Machine For Co-Living Spaces

Home appliances will let you keep your privacy and save time in the era of shared economy

Luxury Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Cleans Clothes in Five Minutes

The Drumi works without electricity to wash and spin-dry up to seven items at a time

Home Home Appliances Used To Build Dining Set [Video]

Product designer David Steiner used materials found in his own home, including cutlery cast in cereal box molds and bowls molded in a washing machine.

Home Washing Machine Transforms Into A Lounge Chair [Pics]

Designer Antonina’s “I Used To Be A Washing Machine” series features a manual that guides people through building chairs from parts.

Technology LG May Develop Waterless Washing Machine

The Korean electronics firm is planning a home appliance that uses steam and and other technologies to reduce wrinkles and odor.

Design Put A Coin In A Converted Washing Machine For An Instant Dance Party

Gap Filler, a creative urban regeneration initiative, has installed the ‘Dance-O-Mat’ in Christchurch to give the locals a fun and interactive experience.

Technology Save Water With A Shower That Doubles As A Washing Machine [Pics]

Gray water used to get clean could also be used to clean your clothes.

Innovation Concept Washing Machine Doesn’t Use Soap Or Water [Pics]

Orbit uses a jet of solid CO2 to clean clothes and the drum levitates thanks to a liquid nitrogen superconductor.

Design Pedal-Powered Washing Machine

Within the larger conversation happening around sustainable energy, there is noticeable push towards small scale, consumer-facing products to help solve our future resource needs.

Design A Wall-Mounted Washing Machine

A finalist from the Elecrolux Design Lab Competition has imagined a slim version of the traditionally bulky appliance.