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Delivery & Logistics Amazon Dash Customers Can Connect Their LG Appliances For Automatic Refills

As Amazon continues to infiltrate the consumer appliance market, its automatic refill capability is now available on LG products

Home Bloomingdale's Flagship Expands Home Department With LG Signature Technology

The American department store is expanding its premium home selection by including state-of-the-art technology from LG, responding to demand from luxury consumers for high-end connected appliances

Store Experience & Design Cafe-Laundromat Hybrid Offers Urbanites In-House Activities And Experiences

A specialty laundromat located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn gives customers a reason to go out to do laundry, offering curated events like mending workshops, art exhibitions, food, live entertainment, fashion and more

Advertising LG Brings Free Drop-Off Laundry Service To Bonnaroo Music Fest

LG provides music festival campgrounds with 25 washers and dryers, plus a vintage clothing swap

Cafe & Restaurant 5 Experiential Retail Destinations In NYC

Five stores from PSFK's NYC Retail Guide deliver inspired, next-level customer experiences

Design Interview: Why We Need Less Tech, Smarter People

Cyborg anthropologist Amber Case makes an argument for better, quieter design

Retail This Eco-Friendly Laundromat Doubles As A Health-Conscious Lounge

The new face of laundry includes kombucha, lounge areas and energy-efficient washers, allowing guests to relax and enjoy while their clothes are washed consciously

Fashion & Apparel Why Fashion Is Reviving The Launderette

Fashion-focused laundry services are offering an eco-friendly approach to washing clothes

Home Amazon Is Bringing Dash Buttons To Every Screen In Your Home

New software from Amazon allows home appliances with screens, such as smart fridges and washing machines, to incorporate a virtual Dash button

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Blockchain Platform Rewards Carbon-Friendly Consumer Choices

New startup company gives individuals financial incentives to make better choices when it comes to carbon consumption

Design Why The Fashion World Needs A Redesign

Stats and quotes from our Fashion Debrief highlight the key hurdles the fashion industry needs to overcome in order to pursue a more sustainable future

Technology Scanner Can Tell What's In The Stain On Your Shirt

The device from Bosch is made to detect the source of stains and recommend the appropriate washing method to treat them

Retail 6 Ways To Ensure Your Brand Stays Relevant To The Customer Of The Future

Dan Clay, Lippincott Senior Innovation Associate, identified six shifts that will shape the customer of the future

Consumer Goods This Colorful Ball Will Prevent Microfibres From Your Laundry Ending Up In The Ocean

To prevent plastic fibers in our oceans, this recycled plastic ball will collect any microfiber from your clothes when you do the laundry