Water Bottle

Food & Beverage PepsiCo Empowers Consumers To Go Green With Personalized Hydration Platform

The beverage retailer's dispensary system uses mobile technology to enable customers to personalize hydration goals and track environmental footprint

Health Danone Caps Font Vella Water With App-Integrated, Reusable Hydration Tracker

The digitally integrated caps are designed to align with consumer values like sustainability and wellness, letting them reuse the top on any water bottle and linking with a hydration-tracking app

Advertising Starbucks Is Selling A Reusable Bottle To Protect The Oceans From Plastic

A reusable water bottle from Soma and Parley, which incorporates recycled plastic, is being sold at Starbucks locations across the country to heighten awareness of ocean pollution

Design Pepsi Created A New Product Design For The Humble Water Bottle

The soft drink brand developed a new product line called Drinkfinity in response to declining soda sales

Packaging & Product Engagement This Biodegradable Plastic Bottle Is Made Out Of Waste

The VeganBottle is looking to cut down on our plastic waste by creating containers out of vegetable products

Retail News Stories Printed On Bottles Of Water

Targeted at Millennials, this water bottle serves as a quick download on news stories

Fitness & Sport This Water Bottle Aims To Be A Complete Wellness System

Unlike other canteens, the Spring smart water bottle integrates to track hydration and monitor other important body vitals

Design Jelly-Like Water Bottle Orbs Are One Step Closer To Hitting Store Shelves

This gelatinous water bottle Ooho! ups the ante by reducing plastic waste through edible and flavorful water packaging

Fashion & Apparel Women's Shoes Made From Recycled Water Bottles

Rothy's breaks down plastic to use for a 3D filament to turn into comfortable footwear

Design Plant-Based Biodegradable Water Bottle Fights Plastic Waste

How can we make bottles more sustainable and less impactful on the environment?

Technology A Sensor for Your Water Bottle Glows with Reminders to Hydrate

Clip it to your bottle or glass and watch it glow when it's time to take a sip

Design Zero-Tech Water Bottle Helps You Reach Optimal Hydration

With no batteries nor electronic components, the 8UP Bottle keeps it simple yet functional with a twistable glass counter as its base

Luxury Water Bottle Comes with Integrated Wallet and Bluetooth Speaker

While on a jog, carry all your workout goodies in one multifunctional hand

Video Finally, an Easy-to-Clean Reusable Water Bottle

ALEX may be really ridiculously good-looking, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts