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Analysis How Denim Brands Like Gap Are Reducing Water Waste To Court Eco-Conscious Shoppers

By cutting down on water waste, some of the world's largest jeans brands are finally make an enduring wardrobe staple meet modern consumers' need for eco-friendly wares

Design Stationery Maker Uses Recycled Coffee Cups For A New Product Line

G . F Smith and CupCycling create a sustainable loop between cups and stationery

Fashion & Apparel Transform Your Old Office Chair Into A Backpack

This college student created a product designed to reduce waste by recycling old chairs

Advertising Cosmetics Brand Adds Ocean Plastic To Its Packaging

Lush works with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to incorporate ocean plastic into its cosmetics packaging

Home Home Water System Uses Visualizations To Help People Reduce Waste

Matter believes that data can help curb excess water usage in the home

Technology A System That Makes Water Conservation Fun

Well makes it easier to save water by keeping users aware of how much they're using throughout various locations of their home

Design Waste Plastic Repurposed As A Sustainable Building Material

Pretty Plastic Plant is an assembly of six machines that can sort plastic by color, wash it, melt it and turn it into plastic slates and tiles

Design 3D-Printed Vases Turn Unused Water Bottles Into Plant-Based Art

These gorgeous vases have an environmentally friendly purpose

Advertising Fully Recycled Shampoo Bottle Made From Beach Plastic

P&G has partnered with TerraCycle and Suez Environmental to create a pipeline for recycled beach fodder

Work Panasonic Initiatives Stand to Transform Denver Into Top-Tier Urban Hub

This city's urban infrastructure promises lower power costs

Design Device Motivates You to Save Water in the Shower

Eva shower attachment gamifies water consumption

Innovation Water Fountain Uses Positive Reinforcement To Decrease Bottle Waste

Keep track of your environmental impact with this networked water fountain in Israel.

Home Outdoor Sofa Collects Rainwater To Feed Green Spaces [Pics]

Park bench helps the citizens of Mumbai create their own independent water supply.

Luxury 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

iPad minis instead of in-flight entertainment, Norway get Tesla Superchargers and the Zappos revival of Las Vegas.