Fashion & Apparel H&M's Blockchain-Enabled Tag Lets Customers Track Clothing Origin

In response to increasing consumer demand for production transparency, the retailer's Arket brand is testing out a product tag customers can scan with their phone to access its origin information

Food & Beverage Pioneer Of Humanability: Joy Youwakim

In an interview with PSFK in collaboration with Verizon, Joy Youwakim discusses how she is using technology for good in her work with growing produce on top of landfills, putting waste to use and offering communities locally-grown food as well as helping to alleviate hunger

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Improving The Client Experience With Digital Banking Strategies

Three scenarios from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook, a collaboration with Microsoft, demonstrate how emerging tech helps financial institutions deliver more relevant services

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Refining Wealth Management On Digital Channels

PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft breaks down how wealth managers can hone their services with digital tools for client experience, risk management and security

Loyalty & Membership 4 Strategies To Optimize Wealth Management With Data

Strategies from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft highlight how AI and data solutions enable wealth managers to offer better client services

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Using AI To Tailor Individual Services In Wealth Management

A scenario from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft shows how AI technology can aid in customizing investment recommendations

Advertising Op-Ed: Understanding What Consumers Want Without Ever Asking Them

With Coca-Cola launching four new flavors of Diet Coke, Black Swan Chief Strategy Officer Hugo Amos examines the power of social listening in brand strategy

Retail Why 2017 Was The Year For Disruptors

From upstarts overtaking bigger rivals to tech firms valued more than superstores, 2017 was a year of seminal moments

Retail This Exclusive Club In China Is Designed For Self-Improvement

Casa Fengchao promises to help China's elite move further forward in life

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Casper Teams Up With American Airlines For In-Flight Slumber Products

The mattress company reveals new products available for certain flights

Design This Workplace Robot Is Designed Not To Steal Your Job

London startup Automata Technologies is hoping to democratize robotics by installing the technology in workplaces

Food & Beverage Coca-Cola Is Planning To Debut AI-Powered Vending Machines

Soda vending machines will now have distinct "personalities"

Syndicated A Remote Town Is Turning Death-Trap Debris Into World-Class Art

Washed-up fishing nets plague a Cape York community—but locals are winning global acclaim for repurposing them

Health Doctors Can Now Write Prescriptions For Produce

Wholesome Wave is trying to get people access to healthy food instead of just medication