Advertising What Does A Social Network Just For The Super Rich Look Like?

A platform under Credit Suisse offers exclusive networking for high net worth individuals

Luxury The Wall Street Journal Targets 1% With New Magazine

The WSJ. Money extension of the weekend edition Magazine will serve as a personal finance guide for the wealthy.

Innovation The Latest 'It' Item In Asia Are Butlers [Headlines]

As Downton Abbey fever hits the continent, millionaires are clamoring to have their own domestic workers.

A Timeline Of America's Richest Cities Over 40 Years [Headlines]

The contemporary history of the U.S. economy is really a story about its urban centers.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hotel Offers Guests Complimentary Rides In A Top-Of-The-Range Bentley

High-end car manufacturer targets the affluent with its new global partnership.

Innovation The Ultrawealthy Shift Investments To Small Business [Headlines]

Financial high rollers are steadily increasing their investments in start-ups and independent companies.

Design Luxe Goes Unisex [Headlines]

More spas are offering facials for men, and wisely so, according to data that indicates more men are spending on luxuries once reserved for women.

Social Clout Is Tomorrow's Cash [Headlines]

Is a 'digital, networked economy' set to replace our cash-based economy?

Gaming & Play Future Of Health: Mobile Distributed Wealth

In an effort to facilitate reliable and easy person-to-person and person-to-institution fund transfer, platforms are being created that provide a virtual infrastructure for managing finances and verifying currency transfers from a mobile phone.