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Design Wearable Device Helps Keep Track Of Daily Birth Control Doses

Popit is a device and app will tell you if you've missed taking your birth control pill

Fashion & Apparel NFL Players Can Now Sell Their Own Health Data

A partnership with wearable company WHOOP gives players more ownership over their data

Design Wearable Device Lets You Know When Someone's Attracted To You

Ripple wants to provide wearers with notifications about others who are admiring them from afar

Advertising Biometric Devices Are Making Their Way Into Major League Baseball

The approval of a device called WHOOP will give fans a new way of understanding the games they watch

Health Wearable Device Could Make Dealing With Asthma Easier

Respia was developed to make life easier for those with the respiratory condition and help take their mind off of always worrying about their condition

Technology Wearable Device And Lamp Recreate Beautiful Sunsets In Your Home

Sun Memories can record up to six hours of natural light and reproduce it via a connected light at a later date

Technology This Ring Will Train You To Sleep Better

Thim is a wearable device that helps teach people how to maximize restfulness during the night

Health Wearable Captioning Device For Hearing Impaired Conveys Emotion And Tone

The device also allows people to record and better understand conversation transcripts for later reference

Fashion & Apparel A Wearable Device To Protect Women's Personal Safety

The ONEE is designed to allow two friends to send 'distress signals' to each other while in the same area

Health This Wristband Can Predict Asthma Attacks

Researchers at North Carolina State University created an integrated, connected device to help people who suffer from respiratory issues

Technology This Cute Wearable Device Teaches Kids How To Code

A wearable to encourage young tinkerers to come up with their own creative applications

Work Wearable Bands Tell You Who to Chat Up Post-Conference

Grow your connections and prioritize conference networking using color-coded tech Alike

Op-Ed Sophie Maxwell: Designing the Embeddable Future of Our Sensory Potential

Futures Director at Pearlfisher yearns for a future where unobtrusive embeddables respond to our chemical and emotional responses

Technology Wake Up! Wearable Biomonitor Keeps You Safer While Driving

U-Wake headband monitors you for driving fatigue and alerts others when you need to wake up