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Retailers are responding to consumer demand for products that assist them with their health and wellness needs, offering them apparel with tech-enabled fitness tracking and training capabilities

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Increasing awareness of health and wellness is driving interest among consumers in daily health monitoring, and brands are responding with connected apparel and wearables

Podcast: How CXI Is The Key To Wearable Tech

PSFK looks back: Billie Whitehouse took to the stage at PSFK 2017 to discuss her new yoga pant line NadiX that can correct your form with directional haptic feedback

Advertising Carnival Offers Cruise Ship Guests A Wearable Tailored To Their Needs

The company's goal is to ensure customers receive personalized service even as ships cater to larger numbers of passengers

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Eargo believes a redesign can make an unpopular product into something desirable

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For our Fashion Debrief, we spoke to Loomia Founder Madison Maxey about how future fashion will have inbuilt smart textiles that help you live a more fulfilling life

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The government agency created a new wearables program with the hopes to introduce more innovative health features to the market

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Technology Dress Lights Up With Wearer's Heart Beat

Anouk Wipprecht is working on a dress that lights up every time their heart beats, revealing their private emotions for everyone to see

Design Why The Fashion Industry Needs A Redesign

Timo Rissanen discusses how we need to rethink the industry in the context of how it directly impacts and is impacted by the world outside of fashion

Advertising Nike Has Created A New Connected Jersey For The NBA

NikeConnect updates fans about their favorite NBA players throughout the 2017 and 2018 season

Design Little Black Dress Made With Graphene Changes Color When You Breathe

The dress by the into Trafford Centre is the world's first made of super-material graphene

Health Sensor-Equipped Belt Helps Parkinson's Patients Keep Their Balance

Researchers at the University of Houston are developing an app and belt that uses vibrations to help people with balance issues

Retail IoT Is Giving Patients A Living, Breathing Baseline For Health

PSFK’s Future of Health report explores how sensors and next generation IoT are changing healthcare