Automotive Muji Helped Design A Weather-Proof Autonomous Shuttle Bus

The Japanese retailer known for its minimalist aesthetic helped design a self-driving bus called Gacha, created with safety in mind and put to the test in Finland's most hazardous weather conditions

Cafe & Restaurant Subway Appeals To Customers With Weather-Appropriate Ads

Using an AI-powered tool from IBM, the sandwich chain boosted sales over 30% by enabling advertisements that change in accordance with weather, accounting for climate-related appetite vicissitudes

Shopper Marketing & Promotion The Weather Channel Is Offering Viewers Mixed-Reality Tornado Coverage

The channel's first video features a tornado strike ravaging the studio in an effort to provide more vivid and immersive storytelling while also informing the public on storm safety measures in a captivating manner

Advertising McDonald's Presents Weather News As Menu Emojis

Digital billboards give live forecast updates as burgers and fries

Fashion & Apparel Customers Can Test Their Gear In Woolrich's Extreme Weather Room

The brand's flagship shop in Milan lets shoppers try its outerwear in freezing temperatures

Design Undershirt Heats Up At The Touch Of A Button

The Polar Seal keeps you warm in cold weather without needing to wear multiple layers

Food & Beverage Japanese Engineers Have Made Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt

A secret ingredient helps Kanazawa Ice retain its shape even in high heat

Technology Alphabet Is Using Salt As A Renewable Solution For Energy Storage

A project from the company's X division plans to use salt and a low temperature liquid similar to antifreeze to store energy

Design Compact Green Wall Cleans Air With The Power Of 275 Trees

A German technology company wants to lower air pollution in cities with a green wall that provides fresh air in urban areas

Fashion & Apparel NYCxDesign: Designer Uses Rain To Create One-Of-A-Kind Textiles

The collection drew inspiration from a relative's meticulous weather record-keeping

Design Wall Plant Array Purifies The Air Indoors

A smart wall of plants called Naava could have the ability to constantly provide fresh air

Food & Beverage Low-Cost Greenhouse Designed To Assist Poor Farmers

Farmers in India may find some relief from climate change in the form of an economical structure from Kheyti

Advertising FedEx Is Adding Music To Package Tracking

The delivery service has developed a new system that creates tracks based a person's package size and its journey across the country

Advertising Jacket Protects Wearers From Four Seasons Of Weather In One Day

The Melbourne Jacket, currently on Kickstarter, imagines a garment ready to whatever weather conditions are thrown at it