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Advertising Cook The Perfect Steak In Your Web Browser

Cook My Meat is a website that can help any cook prepare any meat to the desired internal temperature

Web Browser Lets You Give Bitcoin Micropayments Instead Of Having To View Ads

The startup balances the publisher-user relationship through a shared revenue program built on digital currency

Entertainment Create Music On Your Web Browser That Looks As Good As It Sounds

BlokDust is an open source project that works like digital legos for notes and effect

Technology Browser Extension Blocks Any Pages That Make You Unhappy

The software can detect your facial movements and prevent content that brings up negative emotions

Design Browser Plug-In Adds Huge Red Banner Above Sponsored Ads

Google product designer develops a simple method for spotting native advertising

Gaming & Play Learn A New Language By Browsing The Web

New app and web extension Lingua.ly translates and saves foreign words as you read.

Technology Walk Through The Web With A Virtual Reality Browser [Video]

FireBox is the first browser to put you inside the Internet.

Technology Collaborative Browser Lets People Surf The Web Together [Video]

Swedish artist Jonas Lund’s latest project, 'We See In Every Direction', is a synchronized browser where users duke it out for control.

Advertising Microsoft Ads Acknowledge People 'Hate' Internet Explorer

In the new campaign ‘The Browser You Loved To Hate,’ the company uses people's common complaints to highlight the improved web browser. of IE10

Design Microsoft Brings Popular iPhone Game To The Web

Originally introduced as an iOS app, the physics-based puzzle game is now playable online with Internet Explorer 10.

Gaming & Play Angry Birds Speak Out On Chrome [Video]

The Internet giant creates a televised commercial to promote their web browser using well-known characters from the popular game.

Advertising Leave Your Mark in Support of An Open Web

The Barbarian Group has developed a interactive, 3D online project for Mozilla's Firefox that lets visitors leave their individual mark in support of an open web.

Technology Flock Shutters Social Web Browser [Headlines]

Flock, the 5-year-old social web-browser, is going out of commission. Support for the browser will be discontinued on April 26. USA Today

Work Arcade Fire And Google's Personalized Music Experience For The Web

'The Wilderness Downtown' project uses the Chrome browser and HTML5 to tailor a real-time, custom music presentation for individual viewers.