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Technology Content Discovery Tool Recommends Sites Based On Past Web Activity

Last.fm founders have created Lumi, a service that uses people’s web browsing history to suggest what pages they should visit next.

Technology Android Gets Siri For Web Searches

Dolphin Sonar will give Android mobile owners the ability to conduct voice-activated web queries.

Time Spent On Mobile Apps Has Surpassed Web Browsing [Headlines]

Mobile app analytics firm Flurry has released a new study that shows that people are using 9% more time daily on mobile apps as compared to web browsing in terms of number of sessions.

Advertising Mind Scanning Gadget Enables Emotional Browsing Of Flickr

EPOC neuroheadset could change the folksonomy of Flickr by letting your brain waves do the tagging.

Advertising Is Social Browsing Replacing Web Browsing?

How should brands and Internet marketers use Facebook to market their products?

Work The Semantic Web: Relationships And Information Filtering

NYU journalism and psychology student Kate Ray recently created Web 3.0, a short documentary on the Semantic Web, which includes some interesting interviews and insights.

Work Foreign Language Web Domain Names Go Live

A historic decision makes the web more accessible to non-English speakers.

Gaming & Play Google Partnership Explores Apps For TVs

Google has partnered with Intel and Sony to develop a platform that allows TVs to browse and use Web apps for games and social networks.

Advertising Eyebrowse Provides In-Depth Look Into Browsing Habits

MIT has also developed a tool called Eyebrowse, a Firefox add-on that enables you to record, visualize and share your browser history in real-time.