Web Content

Design Google Is Launching Software That Makes Emails More Interactive

Inboxes are about to get smarter with this new offshoot of the tech giant's AMP project

Advertising Snapchat Is Starting Its Own Magazine About Technology

The social platform makes an unexpected move, launching them from the mobile screen to your desktop

Technology An Easier Way To Make Online Video Shareable

TouchCast is a new app that will make online video "look like TV but feel like the web."

Technology Mentos Filter Attempts To Find Best Content On The Web

The platform aggregates videos and other viral posts to enable users to vote on what is "fresh" or not.

Technology No More Bookmarking: Save Content On The Web With Gimme Bar

New app lets you save text, pictures and videos you find online all in one place.

Design Are Algorithms The New Gatekeepers Of Knowledge?

Tools which help us manage information overload may do us harm in the long term.

Advertising Vogue.com Gets A Facelift

The magazine launched a redesigned site today, aiming to increase visitation with a more contextually relevant experience for readers (and advertisers).

Work Arcade Fire And Google's Personalized Music Experience For The Web

'The Wilderness Downtown' project uses the Chrome browser and HTML5 to tailor a real-time, custom music presentation for individual viewers.