Automotive Navigation Service Gives Drivers A Simpler Way To Maneuver The Roads

What3words is partnering with leading automobile manufacturers Mercedes Benz and Land Rover to create a new navigation system involving a three-word address system that makes it easier for customers to get to their desired destinations

Delivery & Logistics Video: Solving The Unaddressable

what3words allows delivery and connected services to reach everyone on Earth

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what3words and Daimler partnered to bring the simplified global addressing system to voice-activated vehicle GPS

Health PSFK 2017: Re-Thinking Addresses To Improve Mail And Health Services Worldwide

Clare Jones introduced PSFK 2017 to what3words, the global addressing system that is changing and saving lives around the world

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Keynote speakers at PSFK's annual conference discuss innovation with purpose in fields as diverse as global addressing, fitness and biotech

Technology PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: Rethinking Addresses To Make Travel Easier And Safer

PSFK 2017 speaker and what3words CCO Clare Jones wants to change how the world thinks about postal addresses

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel New Address System In Mongolia Replaces Numbers With Words

A startup has created a three-word system to uniquely identify every point on the planet for postal service and navigation