Automotive Ford Mobility Service Ensures Patients Never Miss A Doctor's Appointment

GoRide hopes to use a fleet of shared, accessible vans as a service to benefit people's health

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Is Mapping Out Cities According To Accessibility

Google Maps has added details to help people find wheelchair-accessible routes in several major cities around the world

Design Renault Mobility Concept Improves Transit Experience For People With Disabilities

The unique hatch door design of the autonomous EZ-GO makes getting in and out easy for anyone

Automotive Honda's Mobility Concepts Focus On Increasing Family Time

A car that becomes a guest room and an intelligent lawn mower shows how mobility can blend into living spaces

Advertising Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Roundup: Small Electric Cars, Sci-Fi Concepts and Futuristic Delivery Vans

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show lacked new tech buzz, but didn't hold back on futuristic looking cars, bikes and trucks

Health Autonomous Wheelchairs Will Help Passengers Navigate A Japanese Airport

The self-navigating wheelchairs allow users to input their destination and will automatically calculate the best route

Fashion & Apparel Wheelchairs Become A Fashion Statement With These Designer Covers

Izzy Wheels brings together artists and designers to create unique spoke covers for wheelchairs, adding a touch of flair and personality to the chair

Technology MIT Researchers Are Designing An Autonomous Wheelchair

The self-driving chair will have the capability to map out a general area to then have drivers choose where they'd like to go

Design Futuristic Gloves Assist Wheelchair Users In Getting Around

Go Gloves are the result of behavioral research to help people improve their grip for each push on their wheelchair

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Accessible Hotel Rooms Can Be Customized For Each Individual Guest

AllGo is a room concept that places equal importance on ease of use and aesthetic

Health Customize This 3D-Printed Wheelchair Through An App

The chair is lightweight, fast to produce and tailored to fit a person's body perfectly

Gaming & Play LEGO Takes On Cultural Perceptions with Wheelchair Figure

This wheelchair-using character can help children understand diversity

Design Carbon Black Design Changes Conventional Thinking of Wheelchairs, and the People Who Use Them

Can a simple new carbon wheelchair design have the power to be multifaceted and multifunctional for its users?

Retail Fashion Line Designed Specifically For People In Wheelchairs [Video]

IZ Adaptive clothing combines comfort and style into functional clothing designed specifically for a seated frame.