Wieden + Kennedy New York

Advertising PSFK's Trending Articles This Week

Wieden + Kennedy's New York office revealed and a wearable wristband that manages your wallet.

Design Delta Demos Light Shower That Cures Jet Lag

The airline is showing off a concept shower at TED that recreates the effects of sunlight to help people recover from a long flight.

Home Wieden + Kennedy Explains PIE To PSFK

Nick Barham from the creative agency explains how they will let start-ups collaborate with major brands like Coca-cola, Nike and Target to create ground-breaking brand experiences..

Innovation Wieden + Kennedy Launches Ideas Incubator With Coca-Cola Backing

A new project from the ad kings pairs big brands with start-ups to create a collaborative and idea-generating environment.

Gaming & Play Give City: Wieden + Kennedy New York Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

Give City is a social online “game” that visualizes contributions to real communities with real needs on a world map that can then be shared and compared with friends.

Retail SQFT: Wieden + Kennedy New York Responds To PSFK Future Of Retail Report

Portable retail experiences along with mobile technology inspire a concept that blurs the lines between physical and digital retail experiences.