Advertising Old Spice Managed To Stuff An Entire Blazer Into A Magazine

GQ readers can pull a paper sport coat doused in cologne from the pages of the magazine's April issue

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A New Delta Ad Uses Clever Camerawork To Grab Viewers' Attention

The airline's campaign takes viewers through iconic places as if they were traveling down an airplane runway

Fashion & Apparel Nike Created A Full Music Video With A Korean Rap Star

Nike teamed up with rapper Jay Park to create a music video for its latest campaign, timed to the Winter Olympics in South Korea

Advertising OkCupid Wants To Change Swipe Culture By Redefining 'DTF'

OkCupid launched a campaign to emphasize its place in the dating sphere as an antidote to hookup culture

Fitness & Sport Equinox Made A Luxury Collection From Newspaper Pages And Athlete's DNA

The fitness chain created a series of products inspired by individuals and organizations who have remained committed to their goals

Retail Duracell's Two-Sided Holiday Display Reminded Parents To Buy Batteries

Duracell created a playful window display exaggerating the horrors of not having batteries for new toys on Christmas morning

Technology Shanghai Marathoners Receive 3D Graphics Of Their Run Data

Participants in the Shanghai marathon got their run stats graphed out in a cool, colorful way courtesy of BMW

Cafe & Restaurant Colonel Sanders Guides A KFC-Inspired Road Trip On A Cassette Tape

The publicity stunt features the voice of the fast food icon giving GPS-like directions through an old medium

Food & Beverage KFC Uses VR To Teach Workers Its Chicken Recipe

The fast food chain introduced a new immersive game as a creative way to start training its employees

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Delta Campaign Artfully Reimagines 133 Airport Codes On A Wall In Brooklyn

Artist Celyn Brazier illustrated the codes for all of the destinations the airline serves from New York

Children Nike's Bandages For Kids Send A Message To Overprotective Parents

These bandages double as comic strips and contain a message that sometimes you can get hurt, get up and keep going

Advertising Take A Great Travel Selfie Without Ever Needing To Travel

A Delta ad took pictures of locations all over the world and posted them on a building wall for people to pose for photos as though they were traveling

Food & Beverage Soylent Brings On A New AI Spokesperson

The meal replacement beverage is leveraging the technology to assist them in growing beyond their usual customer base and expanding to other markets

Innovation Donate to the Protection of Pandas with Every Panda Emoji

#EndangeredEmoji is a global campaign launched on Twitter to raise funds for endangered species