Advertising Is Michael Moore Taking On Obama?

Moore supporting activists who have mounted a case against the Obama administration seeking change on civil liberties issues.

Retail 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook rumored to have shortchanged the UK Treasury, Anonymous collective leaves WikiLeaks and Apple's ban against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is overturned in court...Links to start your day with.

Design 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

A nearby planet made of diamonds, The Rolling Stones go on their 50th anniversary tour and a Google search of 'completely wrong' brings up Mitt Romney pictures...Links to start your day with.

Home The Guardian Selects Their Top 20 Internet Freedom Fighters

From politicians and professors to computer scientists and the first programmer, these are the champions of the open internet.

Innovation Julian Assange Will Host His Own TV Show [Headlines]

The man behind WikiLeaks will premier a brand new program where he will interview prominent thinkers.

Gaming & Play Fred Wilson: The Next Internet Opportunity Is in Social Upheaval [Headlines]

Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson has said that now the infrastructure of the Internet and the applications have been established, the next step is revolutions personified by Wikileaks, BitCoin, the Arab Spring, the hacking attack on PlayStation Network and other changes.

Technology US Calls On Nato To Help Resist Cyber-Attacks [Headlines]

'Threat to one is a threat to all' treaty cited in White House report – but open net versus privacy analysis omits WikiLeaks.

Gaming & Play Monocolumn: Corruption Continues To Taint India Politics

It does not bode well for a government when its choice for the country’s new anti-corruption chief is blocked by the judiciary because he has been accused of corruption.

Advertising UniLeaks: WikiLeaks-Styled Space For College Whistle-Blowers

The site promises a safe space for users to send restricted documents on public interest matters pertaining to education.

Technology Localeaks: Submit Anonymous Local Tips to 1,400+ U.S. Newspapers

Matt Terenzio, an entrepreneurial journalism student at CUNY, has developed a service which lets citizens "leak" anonymous tips to the local media.

Work Monocolumn: Forecast 2011: Rousseff’s First Challenge: She’s No Lula

A 1,800-word dispatch, recently uncovered by Wikileaks, mused on the state-of-play in the election race and, crucially, on the personality of the woman who would later that year be elected the first female president in Brazilian history.

Innovation Peep Insights: Wikileaks And The Future Of Media

The flash conference put on by Personal Democracy Forum(PDF) was stirred by a “hinge moment for numerous issues,” raised by Wikileaks.

Technology An Alternate Internet and The New Peer-to-Peer Currency

Douglas Rushkoff talks about how the shutdown of WikiLeaks could prompt a new decentralized computer network, and the rise of a new virtual currency called Bitcoins.